Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review

Here is a brief recap of 2012 via pictures :) It's crazy to think of how much has happened in one year! Cannot wait to see all that the new year brings - including our sweet baby. The Lord has been so good to us!

January - cut all my hair off. Fresh look for a fresh year.

January - our first project! Built a king sized bed on our anniversary weekend.

January - celebrated one year of marriage! 

February - celebrated Nama Shields' 80th birthday with the whole Shields family!

March - first (and only) midnight premiere with friends to see Hunger Games!

February - gave Dad probably our best gift ever :)

March - FCA National Staff Retreat in Kansas City!

March - Celebrated Will becoming a teenager with 30 bags of fries :)

March - soaked up our last Spring in our first apartment together.

April - celebrated Rachel's 16th birthday and a scavenger hunt to find her first car!

April - sent off some of our best friends on a new adventure to San Francisco!

April - became champion of bowling.

April - A wonderful Easter together with family.

April - best welcome home party ever for Caitie Bird!

April - putt putt with the bro!

May - best water fight of my life (yes that's a fire truck)

May - awesome Lecrae concert with some of my favorite people

May - found our house o' dreams!!!!

May - Downtown Durham date to see Wicked and celebrate closing on our first home!

May - Lake Gaston to visit Peno and Bird at Camp Willow Run!

May - Amazing date night with Rob before he left for two weeks.

May - Packed up our apartment in preparation for moving day!!

June - We got the keys!! First time homeowners!

June - Our house o' dreams

June - celebrating our first week in our new home with an awesome fire on our new back deck!

July - much needed vacation with the Keegan family at Emerald Isle

July - first time using our new grill! 

July - a tough month health-wise for me but sweet time with nephews made it much better :)

July - our favorite purchase to date - our church pew!

August - celebrated with Rob's best friend in the opening of his Chick Fil A store!

August - sent our Birdie off to college! Go Pack!

August - a beautiful weekend in Swansboro with dear friends

September - FCA Regional Staff Retreat in St. Simon's!

September - we find out we're PREGNANT!!!

October - one of many dates in our new area

October - Rob's best friend gets hitched in New Bern!

October - we get to see our baby for the first time and hear that beautiful heartbeat!

October - we paint the brick on our house!

November - Another healthy ultrasound! 5 weeks, 6 weeks, and 9 weeks.

November - we host our first Thanksgiving with neighbors!

November - Thanksgiving in New Bern

November - decorated for our first Christmas in our new home

November - welcomed sweet baby Bryce Jackson into the world!

November - FINALLY got to tell our friends and family our happy news!

December - a weekend away in Chapel Hill at the Carolina Inn :) (15 weeks pregnant)

December - Dinner out in Chapel hill at 411 West

December - final & favorite project of the year - our built-ins!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmasy crafts

I've loved making a few easy cheap crafts to decorate our house for Christmas! Most of these can be done while sitting on the couch, which is an important detail when my energy is limited and my nausea abundant :)

Here a few quick crafts I pulled together for ye old built-ins...

1. Nativity Scene

We were given a nativity scene last Christmas that was pretty traditional with the moss nativity set etc. It didn't look exactly like this but similar...

I didn't hate it actually - I like old-school traditional Christmas. But I wanted to update it a little and make it a little more uniform. So I spray painted all the pieces a glossy white and I LOVE how it turned out. Here's the best picture I could take on my tippy toes.

I love how the white glossy pieces stand out from the dark bold built-ins background.

2. Updating Ikea fern

I have an Ikea fake fern/plant/greenery that I love. At first I just put it on the shelf as is. Then I found these cute little berries that had fallen off my berry wreath in the kitchen and I just plopped them in here and they made it look instantly Christmasy! Love it now!

3. Christmasy candles

I bought these tealight globes from Crate and Barrel a while back.

I just simply filled them with some Christmas tree pieces leftover from trimming our tree and called it done. Love the little subtle hint of Christmas.

Here they are all lit up. So glowy.

4. Christmas goblets

We have these fancy goblets that were given to us as a wedding gift. We LOVE them and are always looking for ways to proudly display them. 

We have some holly bushes (!!) in our yard so I just pranced outside and cut some holly leaves and berries off to decorate our goblets! Love the Christmas cheer!

Christmas is almost here!