Friday, January 20, 2012

the one featuring a new mantle

After Christmas decorations came down (saddest day of the year), we decided to switch things up on the mantle. We recently got a ton of beautiful old books from Nama and Da Lancaster and we love them so much, we wanted to display them in a central location. I've still got some more things I'd love to add to spice it up but for right now, I LOVE seeing these books every day! 

Our new mantle

My favorite side - all from Goose & Nama!
1. The Life of General Thomas J Jackson (1899) - Perfect for Rob who loves historical biographies
2. The Poems of Lord Byron (1904) - I took a poetry class in college and loved Nyron's poems
3. Poems with Power (1909) - The dedication reads "To all who are at the same time lovers of good poetry and lovers of good character, devoted to God and their fellow-men, as as to literature"
4. Little Women (1920) by Louisa May Alcott (gifted by Ginger to me for Christmas :) )
5. Rob's great grandmother's Cook Book- So sweet! It even has burn marks on it!
6. Illustrated copy of Longfellow Poems (1924)- Love the beautiful rich color

These three books make my English-major-heart skip a beat!

Is there anything cooler than this vintage camera??
Also from Goose and Nama Lancaster

There is nothing more cozy to me than a worn out book :)

The other side

1. Pyschology in Everyday Life (1938)- Old pysch book for Rob who was a psych major in college
2. World's Greatest Literature - Thrifted in NYC on our vacation :)
3. The Greatest Story Ever Told (1950) - Story about Jesus :) Inscription reads "To Mom from Tom, Merry Christmas 1950"
4. Hymns We Love (1954) - Stories of the most popular hymns
5. Little Men - Thrifted from Goodwill
6. The Youth of Washington (1905) - Another great historical book for Rob
7. Molly Make-Believe (1910) - Cutest children's storybook title!

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