Friday, January 27, 2012

the one with a book update

We have been reading away! As I mentioned earlier in January,  Rob is reading 20 books and I am reading 12 books in 2012. (For the complete list we have picked out so far, see here).

This month I read:

And started:

But I need to be reading:

I loved finishing the Hunger Game series! My favorite book of the three was definitely the second one - Catching Fire. (And in case you are asking, I am mostly Team Gale (until book three and everyone's character changes basically)). The most fun part about reading this series is talking about it with everyone at my office - so many people were reading at the same time and it was so fun to talk about :) Reading books together is a great way to get to know people better.

Of course I love "Kisses from Katie" already but I need to focus more of my energy on "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" first because that is the one for my book club and it is due in a few weeks :) I actually love having a "deadline" because it keeps me on track!

This month, Rob read:

And he has started:

He LOVED both Generous Justice and Amazing Grace, and is anxious for me to read them both as well :) He really likes to read several books at once (I cannot do that or I'd never finish a book!)...I'm sure he'll pick up two more before he finishes one of the three he's already reading :)

Any other book suggestions for 2012? Would love some ideas! Happy reading! :)

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