Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the one featuring fca college retreat

This past weekend, I got to go with Rob on the FCA College Retreat at Camp Dixie! It was an amazing weekend, and one that we both will not forget anytime soon. 

100 college students from schools all over North Carolina came together for a weekend of teaching, worship, discussion, fellowship, and competition. It was such an incredible group of people - from all different life situations, backgrounds, and walks with the Lord.

One of my favorite parts of going on the retreat was getting to better understand and experience what FCA is so good at. They bring people of all different races and backgrounds together and unite them in their love of Christ and love of sports. It truly is an incredible ministry! It is definitely the only ministry I've been apart of that brings in more guys than girls - praise God that He is reaching young men and raising them up to be godly men and fathers through this ministry!

This retreat was really special for Rob because so many of his friends and guys he's met this year were able to come. Included in that group were 6 students from St. Augustine's college in Raleigh (5 of which were football players). Shonquez, one of the football players from St Aug's, even shared his testimony one night.

Quez bring the Word!

Rob and Quinn (both are the FCA staff for the Triangle) led the talks during the weekend. They were both amazing and really reached people where they were in their walks.

Quinn talking about how to experience the Lord in pain & trials: 
wait, worship, watch, and witness.

On Saturday afternoon, there were some organized competitions and everyone had a blast! I loved seeing so many different people from different schools coming together for something they are all passionate about.

The place we were staying was really beautiful!

By far the best night was Saturday night. After a panel discussion (of all things!), Will led the group in an invitation - giving people the opportunity to trust Christ for the first time. 9 students trusted Christ that night! Praise God!!!

 Rob huddling up with some guys who trusted Christ and their friends who brought them and will be walking with them as they grow in their faith

There was also a hilarious talent show that night :) Lots of funny song parodies and dance groups. And some serious talent!

Shonquez and the St Aug's guys dancing to the Jackson Five

It was an incredible weekend and we are so thankful for how God moved and brought people to Himself!

Oops just one more thing... here's a video of Rob telling his favorite "Would you rather" while they were getting the camera ready for the group picture :)

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  1. Great post! SO exciting that you get to walk alongside Rob in this incredible ministry. Especially love hearing there were more guys than girls. That will change our nation if college guys grow into godly husbands and fathers!


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