Friday, February 10, 2012

the one from a perfectionist

God has been teaching me a lot lately about finding my identity in Him. There are have been many different good things in my life that have been slowly been growing out of proportion and started to define my identity, rather than the Lord defining my identity. As our Pastor JD talks about it - some good things have become god things. I wanted to share two examples below so that I can first of all remember and reflect on what God is teaching me and secondly so that I can encourage you if you are struggling with some of the same.

1. My desire to please people coupled with my tendency to be a perfectionist. Good thing - work well with other people and I work hard in almost everything I do (I learned this from my parents). god thing - I'm way too upset when I let people down, make a mistake, or when I feel like people aren't pleased with me or my work.

2. My relationship with Rob. Being married for just over a year, I should have known that this would be  a temptation and it's been really humbling but good to realize this one. Good thing - I am so blessed by my husband. I feel like the Lord has really blessed our relationship in the past few months especially and I feel closer to him than ever. And he is constantly pointing me to Christ. god thing - I care more about what Rob thinks of me, my actions, my words, my decisions, my appearance than what God thinks of me.

The Lord has been very gracious to me and I am so thankful for Him showing me these areas that need to be given the proper weight in my heart and in my life. I never reached a point of disaster with either of them and I feel like that is the Lord's grace in my life and not anything having to do with me. It's been a slow and steady lesson I've been learning the past few weeks.

I've found myself reflecting on one of my favorite quotes that I discovered in college. Every time, when I place my identity and self worth on something other than the Lord, I end up feeling insecure, worthless, and empty. This quote is such a great reminder of the promises of Scripture and the truth of who Christ declares I am.
"When someone (or Satan or my own heart) tells me I am a failure, or worthless, or sinful, I have a choice. I can believe what they say and become what they say about me, or I can believe what God says about me and belive that God says that in Christ I am a new creation. He says I am clean and forgiven. He says I have a future and a hope. He says I was chosen to be incredibly fruitful...and a world overcomer. He says goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, that nothing can separate me from the love of Christ, and that no weapon forged against me will prosper. I BELIEVE HIM."
A poster i made in college meditating on this quote and these promises in Scripture. (fuzzy old picture but you get the idea)


  1. Hey Nicole,
    Where is that quote from? I really like it and want to have it written down as well
    Thank ya!

  2. Hey Anna!
    Good to hear from you world traveler!! :) So jealous of your Italy living :)
    It's from JD actually! He preached it in one of his sermons when we were in college.

    Love you!


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