Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the one organizing the bathroom

I've been brainstorming ways to clear up my bathroom counter for a while now. It just bothered me how cluttered it was - I wanted to make it easier to keep clean and prettier.

See below - too much everywhere.

Since I took this picture (above), I've taken down my wedding bouquet and put it in a vase to keep it preserved. So I had wall space open and just staring at me.

I've thought about making a makeup magnet organization board for awhile...

Like this one

I really like how it makes everything condensed and off the counter. Buuut I hate the amount of magnets you would have to buy for temporary containers. And it also doesn't look pretty to me :)

So instead, I decided to get creative with what I had and just buy one little pretty thing to help out. I had this awesome towel rack/shelf thing hanging over the sink in the kitchen. I wasn't really using it very well in there - it just had a few little things on it and I didn't really ever use anything on there. So, Rob moved it from over the sink in the kitchen, to over the counter in the bathroom! 

I'm still figuring out what I want to keep in there, 
but basically all my bottles, & anything besides makeup.
Look at all that room underneath it on the counter!

I also bought this pretty little bowl ($4) from Home Goods. I loooove the blue color (kinda see it here in this picture) and I love that it's girlie. Perfect for my makeup!

I need to simplify and slim down my makeup choices but I love how condensed it all is! 

Ta da! All this organizing this past weekend really is helping me relax and take it easy when I get home at night. I love to simplify and declutter our home.


  1. I LOVE that towel rack. Where did you get it? Same problem with cluttered counters!

  2. home goods! i love that place :)


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