Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the one with top ten FAQs

In case you didn't know, I come from a rather large family. I have 5 sisters and 1 brother. Let that sink in.

Keegan family siblings, circa 2008/2009, pre-husbands/offspring

Coming from a family like mine, we get asked a lot of questions. Pretty much everywhere we go. By people we know and by total strangers. 

Annapeno, Cait, and I have been working on compiling a list of the Top Ten Questions we've been asked throughout our lives. Do not be confused - these are not our favorite questions...these are our most frequently asked. I've got some honorable mentions down there too :)

The masterminds - Annapeno, Cait, me (apparently these are the chinese versions of us)


1. Do you have a British accent?
Nope, sorry to disappoint you. My lovely and very classy mother is British, which is probably the coolest thing about our family. And everyone always wonders why we don't have accents too. But alas, we are just crass Americans.

2. How many bathrooms did y'all have in your house?
I think people just assumed because we had SO MANY (!) girls, that we had a million bathrooms. Or they just picture us all crammed around one mirror, elbowing each other out of the way, applying lipstick and curling our hair. Haha! Unfortunately/fortunately, none of us really know how to do makeup or hair really well so bathroom sharing wasn't really a big issue for us :) I think it was about 3 between the 7 of us at our old house, and 2 at our newer house (although obviously alot of us don't live there anymore).

3. Are you all from the same parents?
Yes! My parents met and fell in love in NY. All the girls are about 2 years apart and then there is a 7 year age gap between the youngest girl and Will. I don't think they planned on having such a large family but we are so happy God had different plans :)

4. Did your parents keep trying until they got a boy?
Yes - we were all disappointments and throwaways. Just kidding. :) I get the idea behind this question although if you think about it, it's rather offensive to ask in front of 6 girls, pahaha. Imagine the glares & eye rolls we dished out during our teenage years. My parents were not trying until they got a boy - but I can't imagine our family without Will!

Finley and Will - Will is the best uncle

5. Who's your favorite sister? (Or, is there someone you don't get along with at all?)
People want the dirt! We don't have favorites - seriously. We are all very close (realizing how rare that is as we grow older) and get along great together, although we've definitely had our rocky moments (really mostly during our terrible teens). We all have different personalities and bring out different character traits in each other, which is such a beautiful thing. However...if we HAD to answer this, I think we would all say Will is our favorite :)

Me, Kier, Anna, & Cait back in the day on an RV trip to Maine :)

All the kiddos piled into Mom & Dad's bed on Christmas morning

6. Do you want to have a big family?
Hmmm jury is still out on this one for me. I LOVED growing up in a big family but I also don't have any clue how my Mom did what she did. I think it takes a very special, uniquely gifted mother and father to raise such a large family - although I know they would just tell you it was the grace of God. I think it's an incredibly difficult job to have and I don't know if I'm as patient, loving, energetic, and caring as they are.

7. Are you Mormon? Catholic?
Nope! Just alotta kids.

8. Your poor dad (and brother)! How does he survive??? 

I think they do just fine :) I'm sure there were some disadvantages for them being around girls all the time - particularly my dad who was outnumbered for almost 17 years before he got a son. But I've never once heard him complain or ever felt like he wasn't totally satisfied and happy with all of his daughters. And my brother's such a great sport and we are all pretty much obsessed with him.

"Hanging" out on the subway in father, like son

9. Why don't you like being called "Keegan"?
When you have people telling you your whole life that you ALL look EXACTLY the same and then they start calling you "Keegan", it makes you wonder if they really know who you are :)

10. Do you like being apart of a big family?/What are the best things about having a lot of siblings?
I mean there's no way I can do this question justice. I absolutely love being apart of a big family and I wouldn't trade it for anything. As I grow older, I realize how rare it was to always have a companion (or 2 or 3) whenever I needed/wanted one. One of the best parts of being in a big family is seeing everyone grow up and have their own personalities and passions. One of the things I'm most thankful for is that every single one of my siblings knows and loves Jesus. My mom & dad always say that there is no greater joy than to see their kids walking with Christ.

1. How was your mom able to raise all of you?
She seriously is a saint. I don't know how she did it, except with a lot of prayer!

2. "You have enough to create your own basketball team!"
Not a question but this is probably every dad's response to how many kids we have in our family :)


  1. I just loved learning more about your family! What a great idea to do a post answering the questions you have been asked for most of your life. Yes, I believe your mom must seriously be a saint! Love you all piled into the bed Christmas morning...did you kick Mom and Dad out or were they busy getting ready for you all to go open presents?

  2. thanks, linda! and yes we kicked mom & dad out and sent them downstairs to get stockings & presents ready, and start the coffee :) that picture was taken the last year before becca got married so it was our last "everyone pile into mom & dad's bed" photo :) so glad we took it!

  3. haha!! Noah you could probably write a HILARIOUS faq for your fam :) Those bostromos...


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