Thursday, March 22, 2012

the one cleaning up the fridge

Naw, dawg. I did not actually clean the fridge, especially inside it...that might be my least favorite chore :) I just cleared up that clutter on top! It was driving me crazy. And I know our fridge front itself looks cluttered but we kinda like it that way. It's all cheerful and full of sentimental fun things like Rob's drawings from when he was a kid and photos of my grandparents. We like it:)

This is what the fridge looked like before:

We moved the platters into the armoire to clear up space on top so I just shifted everything!

We really actually don't drink that much :) Almost every one of those bottles is left over from our wedding!
Isn't it so much cleaner now!

Now we can actually get inside those top cabinets (I have to stand on a chair but of course Rob can reach it easily).
A place for all my glass bottles ive collected! And our ice bucket :)

Beautiful servingware from my Jodes! And some of our china.

So much better! I love reorganizing!

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