Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the one featuring a downtown raleigh date

Three signs of a great date night:
Mexican food in Downtown Raleigh

Beautiful sunset while driving around looking at houses

(You can see a bit of the downtown skyline here)

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! Don't worry - have the KK app on my phone so we made sure to get there when they were "hot now"

We had a great date night in what we hope will be our new neighborhood - Downtown Raleigh! It was beautiful weather - birds were literally chirping as we sat outside on the patio, stuffing our faces with awesome mexican food :) We also drove around to see a ton of houses that are on our list - to check out the neighborhoods. And of course we topped the night off with fresh Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!

Looking for a house is overwhelming and pretty stressful at times. Rob and I both feel like all the romance of living in a underserved neighborhood is gone now and we are just directly faced with a more realistic picture of what our lives with be like. It's very overwhelming. BUT we are so thankful for this feeling of anxiety, fear, and a lot of anticipation because it is making us completely rely on the Lord and the Holy Spirit within us to help us make this decision. It's scary but we have a peace because we are following Jesus.

And as a huge side note, there is no other single person in the whole world that I would rather walk through this with than Rob. I am so incredibly grateful to God for giving me such a wise, steady, godly husband.

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  1. Love your thoughts about Rob and how even with the "romance" gone, God is continuing to clearly lead you!


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