Thursday, March 15, 2012

the one featuring rustic

I just watched an episode of Kitchen Cousins (one of my new favorite shows from the wonderfulness that is HGTV). And the whole theme of the kitchen was rustic, which just reminded me how much I love that country/rustic/natural/vintage/homey feel :) I really want to put a lot of rustic charm in our house when we have one.

Here are some photos I wanted to keep around for inspiration for later decorating!

I think anytime you can incorporate wood on the walls or ceiling... it's so beautiful.

I could do a whole post on wood ceiling beams! I LOVE them. But I'll just limit myself to a few photos :)

I love love love this fireplace and can't wait to try to do a facade for a fireplace (if we have one!)

I really love this light!

Can't beat a farmhouse sink

Lots of these everywhere :)
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Little watering cans of flowers! So practical, right? paha!

Love the church pew!

And last but certainly not your hearts out.

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