Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the one in kansas city!

Rob and I had a great weekend in Kansas City, Kansas for the FCA Staff National Conference. About 900 staff and their spouses came for a weekend of refreshment, teaching, prayer, and encouragement. For me, it was a great opportunity to see the vision of FCA on a bigger scale and celebrate all that God is doing in this ministry throughout the world!

We stayed in an amazing hotel room - comfiest hotel bed I've ever slept in. Most of the food was provided but we got to explore on our own for lunch on Friday and Saturday. We didn't venture far but it was fun to walk around a little bit :)

View from our hotel room window!

Amazing coffee maker in our room. It's like starbucks version of Keurig!

Breakfast Friday morning

It SNOWED while we were there!!! I didn't get any of the actual snow because none of it stuck but man I loved seeing this little snowy weather forecast.

On Friday night, we were surprised by the Robbie Seay band coming to lead us in worship for about an hour! It was awesome and Rob & I both really liked their music/style.

Morning view from the hotel room :)

Exploring on Saturday! KC has these awesome tunnels so you don't even have to walk outside (which was nice when it was really cold)

Roberto in the tunnel

Union Station

Awesome BBQ place - Jack Stack BBQ! I loved the atmosphere and decorations - check out that awesome lantern chandelier!

We may or may not have skipped part of the session Saturday night to cheer on our Heels to VICTORY! :) Still feels so so good!

And before we knew it, we were on a plane on our way back home! Goodbye, KC!

We saw a fire from the plane! Crazy!

Hello Dallas

Favorite snack during our layover in Dallas

Unfortunately I didnt get any pictures of the many amazing people I met. I really enjoyed hanging out with the eastern North Carolina team - especially Clay & Will and their wives/fiancees. it also was just great hanging out with Rob's Triangle team - Quinn, Johnny & Beth, and Nash & Beth. He really works with some incredible people.

I'm so thankful that God has provided us with jobs and ministries that we LOVE and believe we are uniquely equipped for. Praise God!

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