Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the one loving our apartment

I have to admit that since we've been looking for a house, I've lost all desire to decorate or invest in our little apartment. I still clean it, take care of it, and occasionally rearrange a few things but beyond that, I've already mentally moved on.

In some ways, I think that is healthy and fine - no point in spending money on a place that we will be leaving in a few months. But I also think that it's important to train my mind to be content whereI am and not always be longing for the next thing. I know that once we have a house, I will miss this little place. 

So here is why I am thankful to be living here for the next few months:
-If something breaks (oven, dishwasher, light bulb), we don't have to replace it
-Everything is livable, and comfortable, and homey (I've heard it takes awhile to make a new house a home...and I can only imagine how much longer it takes when you are buying a fixer-upper)
-Amazing location! Right next to frankie's (score!), 3 minutes from work, and 5 minutes from every restaurant option we could want :)
-Living in a one bedroom apartment makes you cut down on clutter and extra things
-I really love the kitchen
Old picture but you get the idea
-I love the double vanity in our bathroom
-Our master bedroom is HUGE
-Our place is "cool" according to our little nephew, Finley, who thinks its awesome that we live on the second floor :)
-Our sweet neighbor, Pam

This is our first place together. I wanna soak it all in as much as possible before we move on to the next thing. This place will always hold such sweet memories and hilarious moments from our early days in marriage. I really am thankful for such a wonderful apartment!

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