Monday, March 5, 2012

the one shopping at crate & barrel

This past week we used the last of our wedding gift cards. Oh yes I know our wedding was over a year ago but right when we were returning everything and spending our gift cards, Crate and Barrel changed locations and their store was closed down during my months of high productivity :) So even though their new Southpoint store has been open for like 9 months now, this was our first time making it out there. 

There were so many new things they had that I just loved!  We ended up getting four pretty practical things but I also wanted to share some other things we saw and loved and might go back for someday :)

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What we got::

Alex Hurricane - big, beautiful rounded hurricane for candles and decor

Two Trix tealights - little globe these
Omelet/pancake spatula - for the mister. He's so excited to use this GINORMOUS spatula to expertly flip our omelets
They had a bunch of birdie themed plates & decor that i really liked. My two favorites....

Tweet candleholder (thought of you, Shan!)

Chickadee Platter - I love these little birdies. 
But my favorite items that I liked in the store were all made of recycled glass. They were all a great shape and all had the prettiest blue tint - I am such a sucker for blue glass. I will definitely be getting some of these later!

Miguel 12oz double old-fashioned glass

Escora floor vase

Miguel wine carafe

I really almost bought this little bottle for $4 but Rob thinks we may have too many pitchers :) When he asked what I would use this for, I said "lemonade on a picnic"....not exactly the most practical purchase, haha! They also sell these at Ikea for about the same price.

Airtight glass bottle

Love the stuff Crate & Barrel is carrying right now! 

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