Friday, March 16, 2012

the one with march madness

In honor of UNC's first game in the tournament today(!), I had to share some photos expressing my deep LOVE for my Heels :) Needless to say I will be cheering them on as they play at 4:15 today!

Risers freshman year :) We all made tshirt jerseys of our favorite players :) #34 NOEL baby!

Risers, again (duh). Mark also had a belt that flashed "Go Heels" awesome!

At the Elite Eight game in Memphis in 2009! So fun!

Memphis crew! (Thanks again to Worth!)

Pregame excitement before Championship Game in 2009!! :)

Celebrating on Franklin Street after we won in 2009!!


Epic exhaustion the day after we won :) Welcoming the team back in the Dean Dome. And yes Kath & I skipped class to go! (Duh, again!)

I just love the heels!! Can't wait to cheer them on!

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