Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the one saying goodbye to the finnerans

we're sad here in the shields household. we recently had to say goodbye (for now) to our dear dear friends, the finnerans. 

on april 1st, rob and i helped matt & beth pack up all their things so they could drive across the country to move to san francisco. (and really i still can't quite believe it!)

i cannot begin to describe what these two mean to us and how much they have impacted our lives with their loyal, Christ-like, FUN, and selfless friendship. they are two of our dearest friends and while we are so thrilled for this next opportunity in their lives, it's a hard pill to swallow. it's so weird to not be able to drive 15-30 minutes to see them. the upside? i know for sure that we will be going to cali to visit (and we can then say that our friendship has had adventures from coast to coast). AND now we can have hilarious face time/skype conversations that i know will be awesome. 

while i know i can't begin to do our friendship justice on this little ole blog, i wanted to at least do a photo montage of our good times together. (photo montages are so cathartic and so necessary) matt and beth - we love you more than we can express. you are two of our dearest friends. you have taught us so much through our friendships and we are truly thankful to be in your lives. here's to the next adventure and to many more years walking through life together!

it all began with these two younguns. 

and then these two cary-ites became friends at a house called mrs. d's...

and these two had a STN and never looked back :) fast friends immediately... oh and beth and i were too :) (beth - you know i had to give a shout out to foster and roscoe!)

sweet middle school dance moves.

even our ghosts were friends
(beware...this is about to turn into a nicole + beth montage... sorry rob & finn)

my favoritest photo of me and my dear beth

our #1 classic pose

on the night we celebrated their engagement - oh happy day!

the gang! (minus our newest sweetest member - lauren!)
rob, me, beth, finn, and daniel

on their wedding day :) - best photo of us ever.

them on our wedding day! :)

finnerans goodbye party 
(thanks laviss :) )

and what better way to say goodbye than one last sakura?

we love you guys so so much! miss you already!

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