Friday, April 20, 2012

the one with mandatory staff fun day

This past Tuesday was probably one of my favoritest days in a long time. You see, about once a year, we have this awesome event called "Staff Fun Day". Sure, it may be mandatory... but that doesn't make it not fun! :) We shut down the office for the day and all get outside to hang out, get to know each other better, blow off some steam, and have FUN. 

2 years ago, we went bowling.... And I won an award.... It was for the lowest score out of everybody.... And it was because I bowled a 26. Yes, you read that right... a 26. (For those of you that don't know bowling (like I didn't/dont), there are 10 frames with a possible 10 points per frame...). It was slightly humiliating (yes I was actually trying) and demoralizing. I mean, that's BAD. Being the competitive person that I am, I buried my shame and moved forward. Until...

They announced we were going bowling AGAIN this year. I'm not gonna lie, I groaned out loud when I read the email. I woke up the day of our fun adventure and I actually had a little anxiety... which is ridiculous. And then I thought "I have absolutely nothing to lose". I mean, worst case scenario, I get below a 26 and I just face the reality that I should never bowl again. And I wasn't even thinking of redemption as a possibility ( can see where this is going. That's what we English majors call "foreshadowing".)

Here's some of our staff for Staff Fun Day. It was such a hilarious, loud, fun group. They can make anything fun :)

And here's the best team ever. Seriously.
Sean, Gaynor, me, Ashley, and Eric.

And y'all. I BOWLED A 129! Seriously!! I honestly cannot believe it! I got 5 spares and 1 strike in one game! It was glorious. I was just enjoying it so much...and then we all went to lunch (Moe' good) and Stortz had a little awards show and I WON AN AWARD. And it was actually a real award - not one that's a joke making fun of how bad at bowling you are. I won Best Female Score. What?! It was so glorious and makes me laugh so hard when I think about it. Just awesome.

This is the picture I sent to Rob so that he knew he was married to a real winner. (Yes I got a legit bowling trophy. Note that she is wearing a skirt.)

And the day just kept getting better! Another friend and Susan Michael (two of my dearest friends who used to work at the Summit, pre-babies) came to join us for lunch!!!! You'll remember my friend & her family from my updates about their baby boy (see here, here and here) and Susan from the little baby shower we threw for her and her sweet twin girls (see here). It was so unbelievably good to see my sweet friends and their beautiful, adorable, perfect babies.

Sweet baby boy! He is now over 7 lbs!! Praise God!

And because my iPhone photography does not nearly do him justice, see this adorable professional photo by Amy Wentzel Photography. SO CUTE.

I finally got to hold him! This is me doing my best baby talk to make him smile :)

Susan's girls were adorable as well, rolling up in their cute stroller with pink bows and all. I am just obsessed with twins and Susan's girls are only making me more obsessed :)

Sweet Sarah holding Evelyn!

Abigail was very low maintenance and slept the whole time!

And again because you have to see better photos than my little iPhone ones, look at this adorable photo by CBM Photography. I could just die from their cuteness.

After an amazing first half of my day, I got to go hang out with my Caitie bird! It was so good to do normal things together and hang out and enjoy new music and sunshine :) I'm so glad she's home!

What an amazing day through and through! :) So thankful for God's grace in allowing me to serve with such amazing people! Thank you, Jesus!

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