Friday, May 4, 2012

the one about tim & jody

We are some lucky people. Last week, we were treated to  dinner at our favorite place (Angus Barn!) by two of our favorite people - Tim & Jody Jackson. The first words out of Rob's mouth the morning of our dinner was "We get to go to Angus Barn tonight!" :) We were giddy excited about it and it was such a fun evening with them. 

One of the reasons I love my job is simply because I have an amazing boss. I have worked for Tim Jackson for 2 years now and I am realizing more and more how rare it is to find someone that you love working for. He has taught me literally everything about my job as a staff accountant and has shown me so much grace along the way. Tim is actually transitioning out of his job to move to Kenya with his wife for the next 2 years (at least). He will be moving in January and I am dreading that day. While I am so excited about this next step, I selfishly wish I could convince them to stay somehow - I honestly cannot imagine my job without Tim as my boss.

Tim and Jody have some of the biggest servant's heart of anyone I know. They give so much of their time, energy, and resources for others. And they do it all because of their deep & passionate love for Christ. I could go on and on and on about how much they have done for me and Rob. They are gracious, generous, and compassionate people.

One of the main ways they have served in the past few years is through a tutoring program at struggling public schools in the area. Our church recently did a video and interviewed Tim and a local teacher about their relationship... I think it shows a great glimpse of The Jacksons' heart and passion for loving others.

Check it out:

We love you guys! How about we make it a tradition until you guys move away? Angus Barn Thursdays. What do you say? :)

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  1. We'd also like to be included in Angus Barn Thursdays. I can make us available every Thurs until 2013.

    ON a totally separate note, I like your blog design. Simple.


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