Friday, May 25, 2012

the one featuring kristen wiig

Well, y'all. Saturday was a sad night for me. It was Kristen Wiig's last episode on SNL. I'm not gonna lie - I definitely was holding back tears during her last song (me and Jason Sedakis almost lost it).

She really is the funniest comedienne in my opinion. She is so talented and hilarious.

In order to help me cope with my sadness, I compiled a list of my top favorite Kristen Wiig characters from SNL, along with links to my favorite version of the skit. Your welcome, blog world, for distracting you for the next 30 minutes of your day :)

8. Two A-Holes. Do y'all remember this skit?? "It looks like a rabbit." This was one of her first ones that just killed me. We even mimicked it in a skit announcement we did for Cru at Carolina. Her and Jason = classic. Favorite"Two A-Holes at a Live Nativity Scene" (although the one at the adoption agency is hilarious as well)

7. Sue. She LOVES SURPRISES. "I'm just so freakin excited!" Favorite (because it features Christopher Walken): "Surprise Party"

6. Gilly. "Gilly? Uh huh Gilllly? Yes Gillyyyy? What's up? Did you throw a knife at me? Thorry." I remember back in the day when I figured out that Gilly was Kristen Wiig, I lost it. That's when I knew I loved her. Favorite: The Original Gilly Skit

5. Judice. "I found a dead cat on the side of the road..." Those baby hands! That enormous forehead!! I remember one night me and my roommates watched this skit like 5 times in a row and couldn't stop laughing :) Favorite: The Original "Lawrence Welk Show"

4. Kat (from Garth & Kat). I would be lying if I said Rob and I had not tried doing this before (me and my coworker Kristi confessed that we had both tried this with our spouses pahaha). Favorite (although they are all REALLY funny): Garth & Kat - Summer Songs

3. Target Lady. "Welcome to Tuuurget." How can she always do so many different voices?! Her haircut = hilarious. Her ideas for things to do with Target merchandise = so weird. She just kills me. In fact, just typing this out made me realize how much I love it :) Favorite: "Classic Peg"

2. Judy Grimes. "Just kidding, just kidding." Almost forgot about this one!! I die. Favorite: Judy Grimes - "You can pause me right here"

1. Penelope. I'm not kidding. I don't know HOW she does this character. It is just so so good. It makes me cry laughing every time. Favorite: "Therapy"

I seriously will miss Kristen Wiig on SNL! Please make lots of movies!


  1. Great post!! We too were super bummed when we found out that Kristen was leaving SNL. This is the first season we've regularly watched and now we're sad she's already leaving!

  2. Seriously she is SO funny!
    Love reading your updates about Israel!! I am obsessed with that sweet baby boy. You are a great momma!


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