Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the one featuring a middle school retreat

This past weekend, we had an AWESOME time at the FCA Middle School Retreat at Camp Oak Hill in Oxford, NC. We had 142 middle schoolers, about 30 high school leaders, and about another 30 adult leaders. There were so many great moments throughout the weekend, but the best part: about 30 students put their trust in Christ for the first time! Praise God!

Like I mentioned yesterday, it was really fun for me to meet so many of the volunteers Rob talks about, as well as getting to hang out with some Summit staff friends all weekend.

Here are some photos of our weekend. All of these were taken by an all-star volunteer, Penny! Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us!

Rob MC'ed the whole weekend. He was awesome :) He may have lost his voice by the end of the weekend. He fit in great with all the middle schoolers as his voice cracked every other sentence... they loved it.

I LOVE this picture of Rob and Jason on stage together. 

The kids had quiet times every morning. Such a sweet photo.

I never get tired of awesome huddle pictures :)

All of the kids were split into huddles with a high school leader to talk about Jason's messages and how it applied to them. They also got to do team-building activities in their huddles, like photo scavenger hunts & team cheers. 

I love this picture, haha. Rob and I made fun of "the band" for being so emo and band-ish here - sitting in rocking chairs and jamming out :)
Seriously, though, they were awesome.

I love this photo. One of the highlights of the weekend was a big shaving cream fight...the high school leaders ambushed the middle schoolers...this leader hid in the trash can to pop out and surprise them!

And the shaving cream fight begins....

It got CRAZY.

The BEST part was a fire truck came and hosed everyone down!! Rob called them a couple days before the retreat and they agreed to come out and hose everyone down for free! He also got to invite the fireman's son to come to the retreat as well - it was awesome!

It was like a giant sprinkler!

Of course that led to a mudslide contest :) A sliding tunnel!

You know boys love to be dirty...

And girls too! Love the girls pushing each other over to the right :)

On the last night, there was a Trashy Dress Contest. The kids had to use trash bags and duct tape to make the dresses. It mostly consisted of middle school boys wearing dresses and earrings and lipstick :) 

One middle school boy diva and Rob :)

And the judges! Barry, Julie, and Gaston :)

We are so thankful for a great weekend! Love being apart of what the Lord is doing through FCA!

*all photos provided by Penny Cavanaugh. 

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