Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the one with a final house list

Thank you for all the love and support about our new maybe-house! :) (I'm making myself saying "maybe-house" until it is officially ours and I can call it our home). A lot of you have been asking to see pictures, get the details about our house on ye olde blog. I can't do that yet but I wanted to update you on how we did on our "must have" and "would be nice" lists. (For more info see this original post and this one more recently).

 So yep. Thank you, Lord - we found a house with all of our "must haves". Honestly, it's hard to believe! Even looking at this, my heart fills with thankfulness.

We did pretty decently on our "would be nice" list too. Some of the things we knew were probably unrealistic (no siding in our price range = unlikely; garages are very uncommon in the neighborhoods we were looking in, and crown molding? psshhh).

Plus our maybe-house has a TON of awesome things that we love that weren't even on our list! But I have to leave some excitement for later! :)

Seriously so thankful for what the Lord has given us.


  1. oh man, i am ITCHING to see some pictures of this house!!! i know you will make it oh so cute!

  2. you are so sweet, anna! :) i hope we can make it home for us!! good luck with the big move - im so excited for yall!


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