Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the one with packing tips

We've started packing!! I thought I would be so overwhelmed and dreading the process but I am actually really loving it! It's great to just tackle it (when I have the time) and instead of worrying about how much work it will be, I can start checking things off my (ever-growing) to do list!

I looked up some tips for packing before I started so that we could make the process as easy as possible for our family members who will be helping us move. Here are a couple things that we hope will help simplify things:

-I scheduled out what rooms we need to pack up when. This week my goal was the laundry room and sunroom. We knocked those out pretty painlessly - although WOW we have a lot of books! This week I'll be packing up as much of the bathrooms as we can (besides our day-to-day things we need). Since I work full-time and won't be taking off any time before we move, it really helps me relax knowing we have it all scheduled out.

-We are marking all the fragile boxes with blue painters tape. I think this will help them stand out when we are moving.

-We are labeling the top of each box with neon paper, color coded with the room in the new house. So orange paper is for our office, and I just write "OFFICE" in all caps with a description of what's in the box underneath (to make unpacking as painless as possible). 

-One site suggested packing a couple "open first" boxes for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. For the kitchen, it will include things like paper towels, our coffee maker, chocolate -you know, the essentials. We will also pack some "overnight" bags with our toiletries, change of clothes, etc so our first couple nights won't be too frustrating trying to find what we need.

-When we pack up our kitchen, we are going to stack our plates on their sides instead of laying flat. Apparently they are much more likely to break if they are laying flat. (I'll let you know if that works out! :) )

That's all so far! Let me know if you have any good packing tips to add in! 

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