Thursday, June 21, 2012

the one all packed up

Well folks...if everything goes well today - we will be closing TOMORROW! :) I am so so so excited/ready/excited to sign a million papers and own our first home. I can't believe it's already here!

Some of you have asked for a little update on the packing situation. We are mostly all packed up. We just have the day-to-day things to pack up last some really precious goblets we got as a wedding present that we are scared to pack up :)

Check us out:

On the right side of the sunroom = fragile boxes marked in blue painter's tape.

On the left side are non-fragile boxes.

All of our cabinets are empty (thanks to Rob!) and we just have a few things out that we are still using every day - coffee, mugs, paper plates, grits :)

The saddest part? The bookshelves are empty

So excited for what's ahead! Trusting God in these last few busy, stressful days - I'll let you know how it goes!

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