Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the one on moving day!

On Saturday, about fifteen family members and friends helped us move all of our stuff from the apartment to our new home. What a blessing! We are incredibly lucky to have so many people who love & support us so selflessly. 

Before everyone got there, I took some last photos of our first home together. We will miss this place!

Sunroom all packed up

Living room

Living room


Master bath

Master closet!

Kitchen chaos

We got coffe & doughnuts for when people got there. We believe in saying thank you with lots of sugar and caffeine :) Then we started loading up this big guy...

That's a big truck, y'all...

We may or may not have gotten some tips from family members that we may need to start downsizing :)

The first half of the moving process went so smoothly! Mom helped me inside the apartment making sure we packed everything up (good thing we opened that armoire one more time...) and taking out all the nails/screws/etc. Sarah Jane ran point on organizing and loading up the Uhaul - she's so good at that. And the guys kept us laughing and did all the heavy lifting :) They were such hard workers - it was amazing. We finished in less than an hour and a half! Seriously record time. Then we made our way to the new home...

After a quick gatorade break, we unloaded everything from the truck and cars in about an hour! It was crazy. I am so thankful for all the help. We were finished unloading by 11am - way better than I had hoped for.

We called Mellow Mushroom to order pizza as soon as they opened (11am) so everyone just hung around and relaxed while we waited for the food. Becca and the boys came to see the house (and brought us dinner!) and Dave & his sweet Graham came to help too (very impressive with Lauren being out of town - definitely a super-dad move...ps we missed you, Lauren!!) I loved having the kids running around playing together!

Becca also took all these pictures...so thankful she documented the day for us!

Coley Bear loved our deck :)

Our sweet little chalkboard in the kitchen!

Patrick and Finley. Fin was so great when he got there - he really really wanted to help us move! Such a sweet boy.

Kicking back. Dad Shields, Claude, and Jay

The heroes with the pizza!!

Love this one :)

Exhausted and hungry! Me & Sarah

Cole loves his nanny

Praying over our new home!

Lunchtime. (I love Graham's face in this picture! He LOVED playing with Fin & Cole...it was so sweet)

Everyone left after lunch to finish their Saturdays...but Sarah and Mom were awesome and stayed for a couple hours to help me unpack the kitchen. I am SO thankful! I would still be unpacking it today if they hadn't helped me. It was really fun because they also helped me unpack my first kitchen at our apartment! Love it. Will also stayed and helped Rob put our bed together - what a trooper!

After they left, we crashed hard. We ended up just laying on the recently-assembled couch and watched Iron Man on tv. It was so nice to just sit and be still.

After a little rest, we cleaned off the table & dining room and sat down to eat our delicious dinner that Becca & Pat brought us for our first night. So thoughtful and awesome!

We finished the day with some sweet time with Jay & Elizabeth. They came over to hang out with us and take a study break - they are taking the bar exam in about a month! It was so wonderful to hang out with them, and celebrate their recent engagement. It was a great way to spend our first night in our new home.

Thank you Jesus for such a smooth day of moving! And thank you also to: Mom & Dad Keegan, Dad Shields, Claude, Sarah, Patrick, Becca, Kier, Will, Finley, Cole, Jay, Dave, Graham, Emmanuel & the kids from Neighbor-to-Neighbor. We couldn't have done it without y'all!

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