Monday, June 25, 2012

the one where it's closing time

Friday was one of the best days I've ever had. I woke up early and it felt just like Christmas morning. I just couldn't wait to start the day.

We were still a little worried that something would fall through with our closing. We've heard so many stories from friends about how something came up last minute that delayed their closing appointment. But the Lord was so gracious to us and everything could not have gone more smoothly! It was just the best day.

First, we went to the bank to make the largest withdrawal of our lives :) It was a VERY large check. It was actually extremely exciting to get out that much money and reach our goal.

Feeling like ballers holding the check

Next, we went to the walkthrough where I got A TON of before pictures of our home :) (Sharing later this week!)

And then it was the most exciting step...going to our closing appointment! We had a dear friend from the Summit (Darin Meece) as our closing attorney. It was so fun to have him there and a big relief knowing that we had someone we knew and trusted walking us through the process.

After signing about 1 million pages (approximately)... we walked out proud homeowners!! We were so excited that Rob actually did some heel-clicks in the parking lot as we walked out :)

Here we are with our beautiful key!

We had some time to kill before the craziness of the afternoon we decided on a celebratory lunch at Red Robin! It was so great to sit and relax and be giddy over being homeowners! Celebratory burgers are awesome :)

Then we headed to the house to snap some quick pics before everybody got there....

Rob loves him some candid photos...

Happy homeowners!

Then the chaos began. Check out our schedule...

It was so fun!! Since Rob had to leave and go pick up the truck and someone needed to stay at the house, Kier & Will came to keep me company and help me prepare for moving the next day. 

All the cars in front of our house at the same time! :)

My two favorite parts of the afternoon were:
1. Getting our house deep cleaned! It was so great to get it all cleaned up before we moved in. It smelled wonderful!
2. Meeting our mailman! He labeled our mailbox and was so nice. He wrote the most adorable note above our names "Good Names: Robert Shields & Nicole Shields". Haha! Maybe it's some kind of postal code? We take it as a compliment.

That pretty much wraps up closing day! Coming up... the moving party!

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