Monday, June 4, 2012

the one with kisses from katie

Slowly but surely I am making progress on my book reading goal :) I'm only one book behind...and I usually read more in the summer so I should be right on track. 

If you don't remember, I am trying to read 12 books in 12 months... a very attainable goal, I think. Rob is shooting for 20 in 12 and he'll easily hit that. I think he's on like 8 or 9. To see our original goals and other books I've read and enjoyed, check out my original post here and latest post here.

So far I've completely read: 

This past month, I finally finished "Kisses from Katie". I originally pre-ordered it before it even came out and have just been picking it up occasionally and then forgetting about it. I finally dug back in and couldn't put it down. 

I love her heart, and the way she speaks with Scripture intermingled. I love that her life and faith is totally gospel-centered without having to talk about gospel-centeredness - she just sees everything in the world and everything in her life through the lens of the cross and what Jesus has done for her and for the world. It's beautiful.

It was incredibly perfect timing that I picked it up when I did. As we prepare for our big move, and launching into inner city ministry, it was incredibly encouraging to hear her echo so many things we believe. I can't tell you how refreshing that was for my heart and my soul - the Lord really used it to feed me.

One of my favorite passages

Now I am not saying that everyone needs to move to Africa or to the ghetto or to sell everything they have (although some of us do need to do that). But I think the challenge applies to everyone who follows Christ  - to leverage all that we have for the sake of the Gospel and out of love for Jesus. It's an honor to do so!

There was another passage that rang true for Rob and I. As we consider bringing children into our home (in the years to come - don't get too excited), we have come to a knowing peace that God will protect our family - or if He doesn't, He will carry us through it. He is Sovereign over all and if He is calling us to serve in a place that is uncomfortable and maybe a little unsafe, He will take care of us. So when we read this passage below, it just really made us thankful that these words are true. (For context, Katie is telling a story of when she brought 6 kids infected with scabies into her home with her other daughters...)
This would be the first of many, many times we would invite disease-ridden, suffering people into our home. It would also be the first of many times that my breath would catch in my throat at the thought of exposing my children to disease. I was always quick to open my home, but a few days after realizing how sick our new friends were or being criticized by other "good" parents, fear would sneak in and I would wonder if I truly was being irresponsible. 
The answer always came quickly and simply, "I sent My Son," the Father would breathe through my spirit. "Whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake..." I realized I still had to be obedient to what God had asked me to do, even though He was expanding my family. I knew the desire to protect my children was God given, but that at the end of each day, this Father who loved them even more than I did would be their protector. Either He would keep them free from all harm or illness or they would get scabies, and we could afford the medicine and God would get us through it.
So read the book! It's great and I would highly recommend it :)

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