Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the one starting with the guest room

We haven't done much to make any permanent changes in our new home yet... I just want to take it slow and not pressure myself to get it all done immediately. I also want to make sure that we live with things the way they are for a little bit so we know better what we need and come up with long-term solutions, instead of buying quick, cheap things. I just find that I always make better long-lasting decisions when I don't jump into it and buy the first thing I see :)

That being said...we have made some changes to one room - our guest bedroom. We've already had two people stay with us and so we I wanted to make sure they had a pretty room to sleep in. It's a work in progress but I'm really happy with how it's coming together.

Here's a breakdown of what we've done so far...

-my old queen-sized beautiful white bed
-my Grammy's old sewing machine table & chair
-bedside table (previously from our master bedroom in our apartment)
-my parents' long dresser (previously from our master bedroom) *Note - we originally had this on the wall under the window but found that it made the room look really crowded. It's amazing how just moving the dresser across the room to the other wall made the room feel and look much more open.*

-Guest bedroom tray (bought from Goodwill for our wedding and painted)
-Towels & little travel-sized extras (lotion, shampoo, toothbrush, soap, etc.)
-Hung our Pier 1 white linen curtains (previously from our master bedroom)
-Pottery Barn large clock (bought off Craigslist for our wedding)
-Little blue lamp (previously from our kitchen)
-Curtain rod & holders - left by previous owners!
-Two twin pillows

-New white bedding from Target with two new twin pillows
-New white cotton sheets from Target

My vision for this room is for all the linens to be completely white, and then to paint the walls to bring out the beautiful white contrast. I've already bought the paint and I cannot wait to paint those walls and see the room change! Obviously the green window dressing on top needs to be recovered in pretty white fabric :) But other than that, it was a very easy transformation!

Y'all dig my wrinkled bedding? :) This was about 5 minutes after I put it on the bed, straight out of the packaging. Maybe I need to start ironing new bedding? Ha!

Love this bedding...love the lace and ruffles.

Dresser with little guest kit...

Little sewing table that was my Grammy's... it has my jewelry on it too for now

I love this room because it has such beautiful natural light from the big windows. I love how small it is -  it is so cozy!

Still to do in this room (eventually...remember I am in no rush) :
-Paint the walls a beautiful color (!!)
-Recover the green window dressing (official name - "cornice")
-Repaint guest bedroom tray
-Add some wall art/decor
-Add some candles
-Add prettier books to the side table
-Replace doors with white doors (or paint current wood doors white)

Any suggestions for what kind of fabric we should use to cover the green cornice? Our curtains are linen.


  1. Everything looks really nice Nicole...very inviting for your guests. I've been having fun re-decorating Nick's old room for our guests as well. You were very resourceful in using items you already had and it's all coming together for sure. Maybe your cornice could be a print that pulls in your wall color and the white?

  2. Courtney - please move in!! :)

    Linda - great idea with the fabric!! Love it!

  3. Something I think is worth adding: a big mirror above the dresser. It will open the room up from both sides and make it seem even bigger! Looks so cute, Nicole! So happy for you and Rob!

  4. Josie - I LOVE that idea!! Thanks for chiming in! I love your style :)


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