Thursday, July 19, 2012

the one about our neighborhood

I've talked all about our house - all the things we love about it, making it home, getting settled, etc. But one of the most important factors in our new home is it's location. As you can remember, we moved to this specific area and neighborhood as a means of ministry. We were looking for a place to move where it would be just outside our comfort zone, around people that are very different from us for the purpose of spreading the Gospel. It was a long process, going back and forth, trying to find the right fit/situation for us specifically. We prayed for months and months about where exactly the Lord was calling us.

So did we find the right neighborhood? From what we can tell so far - 100% yes. I can't explain to you how blessed I feel to be living where we are. Almost everyone around us looks, talks, acts, lives differently than we do. And yet I feel like we are connecting with them. Praise God! We are in an area with a much higher crime rate than where we've lived in the past (as evidenced by our super fancy alarm system), and yet I feel safe and at home here. I just feel like we fit here. And it is totally because of the grace of God!

In all the chaos of getting settled in our new home, I just wanted to take minute to remind myself why we moved here in the first place. Connecting with and loving our neighbors is of first importance. It's what the Lord has called us to do.

So in these next few months, we are trying to find a healthy balance between being intentional and then not feeling the pressure to go outside and talk to people every time we see someone walking by :) Relationships are not built overnight and we can't expect to be best friends with everyone immediately - it's a slow and steady process. We want to be available and accessible but also not feel guilty every minute that we are home and not meeting someone new. 

We have some ideas of ways we can connect - being in our front yard more (thanks, B, for the suggestion!), going on neighborhood walks, inviting people we've met in the neighborhood over for dinner, etc. Right now, I'm trying to steer away from going around and giving people things (cookies, candy, etc.) - we just don't want to seem like the charitable white people swooping into the neighborhood to save the day. We want to connect with them in ways that are natural and comfortable to them. If you have any other creative ideas of how to connect with & love your neighbors, I'd love to hear them! 

Thanks to those of you who have been lifting us up in prayer and supporting us through this process! We are so grateful for your partnership in the Gospel!


  1. Sounds like your ideas are perfect for meeting your new neighbors!

  2. What a nice way to reach out to people- you both really have a heart for the Lord. I wish you both great success in your endeavors.Pat McDaniel

  3. Get a dog. We met so many people when we first moved in and had Shamgar. Totally kidding but it worked :)


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