Monday, July 23, 2012

the one powerwashing

One of the first things on our to-do list when we moved in - power washing the siding on our beautiful white home. Because it was vacant for a couple months before we bought it, it has a few things that just need a little lovin' to bring our home back to its former beauty :)

So my very selfless husband decided to power wash our whole house on his day off - after being out of town for two weeks straight! What a guy!

Here are some before pictures of the back of the house, where the mildew was the worst by far (it kinda hurts to share these because it was SO bad :) )

And here it is during process... Rob drew a little face so you could see the difference. Isn't it amazing?? Yay!

Fresh, clean & drying

Let me just show you that before & after one more time...
And here's a good picture to show you how clean our sidewalk/stoop is now that he power-washed that too! It looks incredible now - we had no idea how dirty it was before!
Beautiful clean front porch!

He even gave some new life to our sweet barrel! It looks even better now!

So thankful! Thanks, Rob!!

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  1. Wow, the difference is amazing! So happy for you two in that sweet home of yours.


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