Friday, July 20, 2012

the one with our first reno

Our kitchen is a little bit crazy right now. We're having a very small renovation/repair done as part of the move-in process. We got some money for a few repairs in the closing negotiations- most of it we used to update the electrical and get it all up to code & safe. You can't see it but we are so glad we did it.

But we also have a few little renovations/repairs getting done that you can see! The main one is that we are getting the microwave raised and putting in smaller cabinets above to adjust for the change in height. Our microwave was wayyyy too close to the stove/oven and was not safe at all.

Check 'er out. You can't even fully see it in this picture but it was very obvious in person. It was one of the first things our realtor noticed when walking into the kitchen.

And here's how it's currently looking :)

The best part? We got to see a peak of the old flooring when they moved the oven out (to add another safety feature - the anti-tipping bracket)...Do you think those floors will ever come back into style? :) Yeah, me neither.

What a beauty :)

We also are getting some new windows in the sunroom where the seal is broken and so they are all foggy. And then some other "cant really see them to appreciate them" updates - some insulation was upside down, one patch of siding on the house, and some other odds & ends. I'm really glad we are getting it all done but I'm obviously most excited about the microwave! 

Next week - some progress outside! Rob has been working hard this week!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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