Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Living Room Progress

We LOVE our living room. It seems so big to us and we love the natural light and floors...and we LOVE that we didn't have to paint the walls :) It's a very pretty blue color (that I can't seem to capture well on camera). 

So here's what we started with...
Now we are very thankful for those surround speakers that the previous owners left. The only issue is that Rob has spent so much time trying to get them to work with our receiver (they didn't leave that) and also it makes us feel like we have to put our tv on that wall.

This past week, we finally moved the tv to the spot we wanted. We want to keep that back wall free because we'd like to build some built-in bookcases there. I would love to have some pretty built-ins totally free of TVs, electronic equipment, etc. Plus the way our sectional fits in the space, it works much better with the TV on the other wall.

So here we are! (warning...I could not wait until good lighting to take pictures and also I couldn't find the right angle in the room to get you the full picture so just bear with me :) )

Amazingly, we got all of our lamps from Target, after we sold some stuff before we moved. I LOVE the glass lamps and simple shades - I'm hoping to recover them in some pretty fabric.

Love those side tables from a sweet friend! (Thanks, Worth!!)

New TV placement! Love it.

Did we mention that we bought this sofa for.... $75?!?! Love it! :) Also love that homemade blanket on the back - Rob's great grandmother made that for him.

 Pretty little corner! Bookshelf from the Doherty's and our new tripod lamp from Target!

Isn't she purty?! I've had one in my office for awhile and love it and it suddenly occurred to me that I should get one for this corner. I love it!

This makes me laugh because it's supposed to be my pretty things shelf but it looks like a shrine to Kiersten :)

Here it is again...before & "after"!

Still to do:
-Move surround sound
-Add some color/art
-Tufted ottoman instead of coffee table

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know when you wanna come hang out! :)

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