Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the one about a pew

Well, the white desk of beauty has been replaced in my heart. It once held the prize of being my most favorite Craigslist find of all time. But I have a new favorite! (Don't worry, white desk of beauty: I still love you!)

I was browsing Craigslist this past weekend and stumbled upon a true beauty. Since we first saw our house, we envisioned buying or building some benches (with some storage) for our sunroom/mudroom. I pinned some beautiful pictures for some inspiration...

Love this rustic finish & wainscoting & easy shoe storage

LOVE this one.
Source: via lanora on Pinterest

Again... rustic & simple.

Easy to build/make

We were planning to wait awhile to build some storage in there. We figured it was farther down on the priority list since it wasn't necessary immediately.

THEN. I saw this. And I fell in love.

It looked SO similar to the pew picture I found in pinterest. I was just over the moon. It looked so unique and beautiful and it was not really expensive! I showed it to Rob and he immediately loved it.

So we called Michael up for more info. We were worried it'd already be sold since it was listed 7/16. But it was still available! Score!

We asked for the exact dimensions and realized it was 7'8" rather than 9' long...which was great news! We were worried that 9' would be too long. It was a great depth and just the right height to have support without covering the windows up. He also said that he believes it is at least 100 years old (we will be doing some fact-checking on that). It just seemed perfect!

We headed over to check it out in person. Rob told me to put on my game face since he wanted to get the price down :) He said I couldn't say anything like "It's perfect!" or "I love it!" (which I HAVE said in a negotiation before).

It was really hard not to be obvious with how much I loved it because... I LOVED it. But I put on my game face and Rob got the price down to $ 3 vintage a Bible from 1872. WHAT.

We brought it home and loved it even more in our house. It's just so beautiful. I mean...just check it out...

Welcome to our home, beautiful pew (and new lanterns!)!

I put the blanket on there to show what it would look like with a white cushion (which I want to make for it).

Thank you to the previous owners for all the hooks already hanging up!

The bench is beautifully and perfectly worn. It's handmade and pieced together and delicately carved. It's just GORGEOUS. There are a few places where we need to do some patching with wood glue but we have all the pieces...we just need to secure them so they don't break or we don't lose them.

I love how thick the arms are and I love the carvings on the sides.

I love the vibrancy of these colors on this beautiful worn pew.

I still can't believe it's ours! I love that it's a pew and I love that it's so old. So thankful! What a steal!

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