Thursday, August 9, 2012

the one painting our first room

This is a littttle delayed but I wanted to share our first room we painted in our new home! We decided to start with the master bedroom since it was the first thing we see when we wake up and the last thing we see when we go to sleep :) The color was driving me CRAZY.

We're also kinda changing how we use bedroom for now. Before, when we were in a one bedroom apartment, we had our computers in there doing work, our tv and dvd player - everything. Now, we are really trying to make it very simple and clean. It has already been so nice to have a room where I can just go into to rest. (Sidenote: I am hoping this will also help me sleep better at night! Fingers crossed.)

So enough chatter. Here's what we started out with...

The color we picked for the walls is a light gray, with a slight slight hint of blue. I wanted a lighter color to open up the room and give a peaceful feel. We chose Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. (The cute name may or may not have played into my decision.)

When we moved in, we originally put our bed on that wall with the red curtains and half shutters (in the before picture above). We thought that was the natural place for it to go and would give us the most space. Wrong. It was so tight on the sides that we couldn't find side tables that would fit the space and Rob was hitting his shin on the edge of the bed every.single.morning. :) After living with it for a couple weeks, we decided to change it all up when we painted the room. We got rid of a lot of clutter, moved the dresser to another room, and simplified everything. 

Here's the before - really dirty/cluttered/terrible color/horrible bed placement. Can you tell how ready I was?? I literally did not even make the bed before I started prepping to paint. :)

Outlet covers removed and partial edges taped up - I decided to try out a few spots with paint...

Look at that difference! Instantly so much brighter!

I started painting while Rob was at work so the next day he helped me finish it up. He is the master painter - we don't even have to use a ladder because he's so tall! :) Let me tell you - that saves you some time!

I think it was right after I took this picture that I said..."Hmmm maybe we should try the bed on another wall?"  

Ready for the finished product?

Another thing I love about the paint color: it highlights our beautiful white bed! This is our first time seeing our bed that we built with our choice of color behind it. And we LOVE it.

We obviously still want to add some art and pictures but I just love starting at those pretty walls for now :) 

Here's what we'd still like to do to this room:
1. Find shutter to complete/match the half shuttered window (behind the laundry basket).
2. Alter & add to the curtains (already have the materials...just need my mom's help sewing and completing!)
3. Paint closet doors & shutters white (instead of off-white).
4. Hang art & pictures.
5. Find a rug? (Can't decide on this one)
6. Get new ceiling fan or paint existing one.

I love our new room!

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