Monday, August 13, 2012

the one rocking the gray(port)

I know I just gave y'all a guest bedroom update. But we finished it even more over the last two weeks. (It is officially my favorite room now.) 

We started out with a pretty blank slate....

And the last time I left you, it looked liked this:

We finished the room even more by adding a couple things. We painted it a fresh color, bought a vanity table for me (!), and recovered the green cornice on top of the window. 

We painted the room Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore (please note that I picked this color for this bedroom before Young House Love painted their room that color :) I take much pride in that.)

I love this color because it's a rich grayish brown color. I wanted a really rich color to contrast all the white linens & furniture in the room.

Speaking of white furniture, check out my new vanity table! I've been eyeing this sucker at Ikea for a long time and we finally pulled the trigger. I love it so much!

Finally, we covered the green cornice. I took zero pictures of this because it's basically like wrapping a present. I just wrapped the fabric around it and tucked the corners and stapled it all in place :) No magic tricks here. 

And here's the beautiful guest bedroom... I love it so much!

I forgot to mention this little treasure. Rob and I just bought this last weekend in the cutest store in St Simon's, Georgia. It's an antique iron spicket handle repurposed as a hook. I love it! (Eventually the door behind it will be white which will look even better!)

Beautiful vanity table! This may seem like an unnecessary luxury but with NO countertop space in our master bath (seriously, the toothbrush holder barely fits on the sink), we had to get creative with a place for my makeup and hair stuff. 

Look at the cute inside of the drawers!

I put my jewelry on that little table in the corner. I think I'll paint the table white so it matches the vanity.

Gorgeous window!

The fabric I used has some ruffles at the bottom so I added those to the sides. Looove them.

The white bed looks so good in front of that wall!

Here's another before and after shot!

Now taking reservations... :)

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