Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn Coffee Table

You can either read my post here (below)... or hop on over to my dear friend, Shannon's blog today! She asked me to write a little blog post for her and I was so happy to do it :) Love you and miss you, dear friend!!

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Hey everybody! I am so honored to be posting on my dear friend, Shannon's blog today. I have read her blog for years and love it so much!

Shannon asked me to share a project, craft, or organization tip so I decided to share a quick little project that I did last weekend. My mission was two-fold: to help bring some much needed organization to our living room coffee table, and to welcome fall into our new home! I am loving the cooler weather & crisp fall air that NC is starting to have and I was anxious & ready to bring some autumny love into our living room.

Our coffee table has become a bit of a dumping ground and it's always driving me crazy with how messy it is. Take a peak at this completely unstaged picture of our embarsassingly messy coffee table...

Obviously, I was needing a way to bring some organization to our chaos, as well as beautify it with some fun fall decor.

Step one - spray paint an old black tray a new fresh color. I bought this tray at Goodwill a couple years ago for a couple bucks and have loved how many different places I've been able to use it!

Here it is in its former glory at our old apartment. 

Next, I just gathered some things from around the house to put on the tray to bring out some fall spirit. 

I chose: a handmade pitcher given to us at our wedding, 3 old books in fall colors, dried flowers in a pretty bronze vase, anthropologie bowl with wicker balls, a little candle, and two reddish orange decorative balls. The best part was that I didn't spend money on ANY of this. I just shopped around my house and tried to use old things in a new way.

Here's another picture with a flash to better show off the colors of each item.

I really love how it cleans it up and adds some organization to chaos! I love the tray even more now in that fresh white color - and it's so useful for holding things on our coffee table. Having a place to keep our coasters and our remotes is a much-needed change. And if we need to use the table to play games or eat a meal, we can just quickly clear it off by grabbing the tray.

My favorite accent - the old books. I love me some old books...

To add a little more color, I also tried some beautiful fall flowers from my local grocery store, Trader Joe's. I love how fresh flowers just add a homey and bright burst of color!

Thanks for letting me crash your blog, Shannon! And happy fall everyone!

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