Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Happiness

A couple things that are making me smile on this happy Friday...

1. I'm almost completely off caffeine! I weaned myself off my dependency this week for no particular reason except that I felt SO unhealthy every time I got a caffeine headache.  I didn't want to quit cold turkey because I cannot afford to have a caffeine headache lead into a I used the very official Dr. Oz plan :) (Check it out here.)Yesterday was TERRIBLE, but today was much better! Feeling like I have energy again and my headache is not nearly as bad. Yay!

2. Beyonce Fridays. I think from now on, I will be listening to Beyonce on Fridays - it has been the best accompaniment to my workday :) Current Favorites: Countdown, Love On Top, Crazy In Love.

3. I'm directing my second wedding this month tomorrow! Cannot wait to see this beautiful, unique wedding come together. 

wedding directing shoes :)

4. This GORGEOUS weather! Every time I step outside, I am just immediately happy. I love it! Plus we've gotten to spend some great time outside at night after work - going for a walk, and using our little chiminea! I love fall nights.
our chiminea one night this week

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