Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Outdoor curtainy bliss

I got some serious curtain love going on over here. We finally hung up our outdoor Ikea curtains! I can't believe it took me weeks to hang these puppies up! I mean I actually am thankful I forgot about them because we haven't been able to buy anything for our house in the past few weeks due to car problems sucking all of our money out of our bank account...and I found these curtains up on a shelf and was SO excited to try them out for free! They really turned out even better than I was hoping.

We found these beauties at Ikea for CHEAP. I love Ikea's curtains - it is my favorite thing to buy there. They are thick and linen and long and gorgeous. Check 'em out..

They make this pergola even MORE private. They block out the sounds and sights of the cars completely...and they are just so purty!

Now we just need to get some real furniture to match our fancy shmancy pergola :)

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