Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Plans & Progress - The Basement

Slowly but surely we are adding to and furnishing our basement. We have a partially finished, huge space downstairs (>600 sq feet) that we cannot wait to finish off completely. But since we do not have a whole lot of cash flow right now, it will definitely be finished in bits and pieces over time.

One huge change to our household that has greatly affected our use of the basement: we have a new roomie! One of our good friends, Sandy, has moved into our basement for a little while. We are so excited to have him and I am honestly just impressed that he is willing to live down there :) He is working with Rob at FCA so it works out perfectly to have him live with us. Our basement is also sets up really well to have somebody live with us - he has his own entrance and level, so he has plenty of privacy. The only thing I wish we could add down there is a bathroom. In the meantime, he does have his own bathroom on our level. 

Meet Sandy! He's pretty much the bomb (can we please start saying that again??)

So we did a few things to clean things up for him before he came - we didn't really add much - we just SCRUBBED everything. We spent a good full weekend cleaning it all for his arrival. We lined his shelves in his closet, put some lamps down there, got him a welcome mat, etc. During that time, I developed great anxiety that he would walk in, see our basement, and change his mind. Rob said "he's a guy...don't worry". 

But he's here (he didn't walk out) and we love having him! This week we added an alarm keypad to the basement so that he doesn't have to come in upstairs (into our bedroom) to turn off and set the alarm. The basement is already armed with the alarm of course but just adding another keypad will help with convenience and functionality.

Here are the before pictures of our partially finished basement on the day we  moved in...

View as you walk down the stairs...

View to the right at the bottom of the stairs (Ps I totally dig that light - it's staying)

View to the left at the bottom of the stairs

Basement bedroom - check out that paneling!

Bedroom closet - semi scary :)
And see that little under the stairs closet behind the door? Awesome.

Little hallway next to the stairs

Utility closet

Separate entrance

View from the door 

Nice big window in the main space

Basement stairs

Things we love:
-Already wired for electricity
-Finished floor
-Finished HVAC
-One room already partitioned
-big utility closet
-Separate entrance
-Good amount of light for a basement
-Cinderblocks already painted white :)
-Preparations for a ceiling already started

Here's what we are thinking for phases of renovation in the basement:

That's kind of the progression I'm envisioning. We'll see what money & time allows :)

Here is what we are looking at for Phase 1. 

Phase 1: Spruce up existing basement space, add ceiling.
-Paint...pretty much everywhere :)
-Overhead lighting in the bedroom
-Insulation for the ceiling - both sound and heat
-Carpet removal on stairs
-Paint stairs
-Paint HVAC units
-Finish paneling over cinderblocks
-Bigger tv for downstairs
-Add ceiling

Here's what we've done to the main space so far! I didn't include any pictures of Sandy's bedroom (we try to respect privacy around here :) ). 

Rob's workout space & dart throwing area (including a chalkboard for keeping score) (Future entertainment area in Phase 2)

Key to the workout area - LOUD speakers. I'm telling you - homeboy cranks up his music when he's doing pushups.

Entertainment area/Man Cave (future bedroom in Phase 2)
Things to note: awesome most comfiest leather couch, rug & curtains from Sandy's mom :) , chairs from the Dean Dome created into a bench (hello man cave perfection), & Carolina posters everwhere.

Sandy also has a chair from the Georgetown basketball bench (he ran cross country there). It just completes our Man Cave basement!

Awesome Tar Heel Sports Illustrated covers framed over the tv. 
(Thanks for the middle one, David!)

Dean Dome chairs. Awesome.

We haven't done much but it's definitely an improvement:) Cheers to a work in progress!

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