Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A cheerful new door!

This past weekend, I painted our front door! Our sweet little home sweet home needs a little lovin' on the outside so we are slowly working towards fixin' her up. We got big plans.

Here's what our door looked like before... blah bleh bluh.

So Saturday night, Sarah came over and we got to work.  I prepped the door by sanding down any rough spots, cleaning it completely, taping off the hardware and sides, and putting a drop cloth underneath. 

I saw this picture of a beautiful red door (on a white house) in HGTV magazine and the paint color was this "Real Red" by Sherwin Williams. So I got it color-matched at Lowe's in Duramax paint + primer for exterior surfaces. Let me tell you... it is Real Pink. NOT RED. I wanted something with more of an orange undertone...not pink (for obvious reasons). So after one coat, we gave up that it would turn red magically and we headed back to Lowe's. 

Luckily the paint mixer was super nice and helpful and he fixed it for us for free! The new color we chose was "Fabulous Red" by Valspar (we had to choose a Valspar color for him to be able to fix it). I LOVE IT. It's perfect and SO much better than the first choice.

This was a very poorly lit first picture of our new cheerful front door!

And here she is out in the wild... I LOVE IT!

What's that? You want to see some more before & after shots? Well since you asked..


Isn't that cheerful door so much more welcoming?

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  1. I love it Nicole! Red doors look amazing! Tara and Jamie just put an offer in for a ranch home built in 1956! They are going to paint their brick cream, and then have white trim with black shutters and door. We'll see how it goes...lots of Pinterest pins with painted brick. Wonder how a red door would look?


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