Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Painting the shutters black

Another outdoor update that was so easy & simple but made such a huge difference! We have hated our shutters since the day we moved in and we finally fixed them. For awhile we thought about buying new ones but decided to try painting them to see if that would do it. So we bought some Rustoleum spray paint in black with a semigloss finish and got to work!

First Rob took them down and cleaned them off...

Hello naked house...

All of our shutters (from the front of our house) all lined up. Check out that oh-so-attractive green color...I think it's called "blah".

We dried them off and then got to painting! Look at how much better that ONE little piece looks after it's sprayed! The change was instantaneous.

Spraying them was super easy. We did two coats total - the first one took longer to dry and was a little sticky but after the second coat it dried super fast and had great coverage. They look like totally new shutters.

Here it is with 4 done! I was too excited to wait for the other two to dry and so I took a picture :)

And here's all 6! I love love love it! It already looks like a new house! (And our biggest change is yet to come)

Love the black shutters on the white siding. So pretty.

Ready for the before & after?

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