Monday, October 8, 2012

Premade breakfast sandwiches

I got this great idea from my friend, Courtney. She's a super organized teacher who got a lovely idea from pinterest to premake her breakfasts for the week. I saw the picture and I was so intrigued. I never have time to eat breakfast before I leave for work but I always starving at work and wishing I had.

So last night I gave it a shot! I went here for the recipe (also copied below).

What you need:
12 eggs, scrambled
2 cups baby spinach
6-8 ounces cheese, grated
12 whole wheat English muffins
Bacon (my necessary)
Muffin pan

First I just scrambled all the eggs together (the recipe suggests adding a little water and that definitely helped me beat so many eggs at once). Then I greased up my muffin pan really good with butter. I also cooked the bacon a little just to make sure it wouldn't be raw in our sandwiches later :) 

Next you just put the egg, spinach, and bacon in each little muffin hole in the pan. You can fill up the muffin holes about 3/4 - I did them more full than that and they overflowed a little :) I cut up the bacon into little bits for each sandwich and did the same with the spinach. 

You then cook those at 350 for 20-22 minutes. 

Once they are cooked all the way through and cooled off, you can pop them out onto an english muffin (with some cheese spread on it). Then wrap up each sandwich in tin foil and freeze them in a ziploc bag. 

When you're ready to eat 'em, pop 'em either in the microwave or the oven (350 for 30 minutes). We just pop ours in when we make our coffee and just grab them on our way out the door! It works perfectly! 

Photo from Macheesmo

I actually made 24 last night so we could have them for 2 weeks. It really took no time at all and I am so excited to have breakfast every morning :)

Thanks, Court! And thanks Pinterest!


  1. This is such a great idea Nicole. I have done it on the South Beach Diet without the English muffins. They suggest adding chopped green pepper, diced onion and a little hot sauce. Mushrooms are also good with bacon. Glad you are eating breakfast now!

  2. Looks awesome... totally going to try this:) Something to look forward to each morning.

  3. Linda that sounds sooo yummy! May need to try those extra ingredients.

    Anonymous - you totally should! They were so easy and yummy!

  4. I made them with spinach, mushrooms and a little bit of onions and red and green peppers (left over from fajitas). No cheese for me but still yummy. I'm very thankful for another quick option for breakfast! Yes, I still have eggos with peanut butter almost every morning! :)

  5. Shannon - that sounds so yummy!! I need to try them with onions & peppers next time! And I'm so glad you are still eating eggos with peanut butter :) YUM!


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