Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Randal + April

This past weekend, we got to be apart of a very special wedding that we've been looking forward to for so long! Rob's best friend from growing up, Randal, married his sweet & beautiful woman, April! It was such a sweet weekend back in New Bern with great friends & family - it all flew by way too quickly.

There were many things about this wedding that made it special for us. First, Randal's family, the Quidleys, are like a second family for Rob so it was really special to get to spend a lot of time with them during the weekend - they are such a sweet, welcoming, warm family. Secondly, Randal & April both love the Lord so much and that is so evident in their lives. It's so neat to see people come together to serve the Lord better. Thirdly, it was in New Bern! We love that place and we got to stay with Da & Nama Shields for a night - we loved getting to spend lots of time with them!

Randal was a groomsmen in our wedding and also read scripture during our ceremony. He's the one next to my (little) brother on his right :)

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures at the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner but I made up for it the next day at the wedding!

During the ceremony... (can you spot Rob? :))

Best friends after the ceremony!

Everyone thought it was pretty amusing that Rob was holding April's bouquet :)

Love this picture! Happy groom :)

They really were the most chill bride & groom I've ever seen. They were SO fun to be around!

Sneaking a picture while waiting between ceremony & reception

Most of the bridal party in front of Tryon Palace

Loved getting to spend time with my sweet mother-in-law! 

Rob also got to catch up and spend some time with John! He was also a groomsmen in our wedding and we loved getting to catch up! (Sweetest wool tie EVER)

John, Randal, and Rob

With the bride & groom!

Loved the groom's cake :)

Such a beautiful weekend! Can't wait to see how the Lord uses Randal & April together to further His kingdom and bring glory to His name! So blessed to be friends with y'all and can't wait for the many years ahead walking through life together :) We love you guys!

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