Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Best Surprise

That's right, y'all! The Shields Family will be adding a new family member in June 2013!! AHHH!!

I wanted to share a little about how we found out and the first bit of our baby's life so far. We were completely surprised at first... but even in the midst of our surprise, we were/are completely overwhelmed with excitement and joy!

I found at the end of September by taking a pregnancy test on a hunch. I just got up early one morning with a feeling and figured I'd take a test just to get it outta my head. Much to my surprise...it immediately turned positive. I just stared in amazement with my heart racing...and pretty much immediately started crying :) I just couldn't believe that it was true and I couldn't believe that we would be so blessed.

Rob was asleep when I took the test and when I came out of the bathroom he had left the room to make coffee. I just got in bed and sat there waiting for him to come back...and when he walked into the room, I just held out the test and immediately burst into tears again. He was shocked but immediately so happy and excited. It was really one of the best feelings of my life!

We decided to celebrate a little with some (decaf) coffee on the back porch and a morning fire before work. We just sat there half in disbelief and half in joy. It was such a sweet time.

Rob left that night to go out of town for the weekend and the next morning when we talked on the phone, we both didn't really believe that it was true. After a night's sleep, it just seemed all like a dream. So I took another test...and lo & behold...

...it was positive again! It was starting to get real, y'all.

We went to the doctor when I was about 5 weeks along because I was experiencing some abdominal pain. When they did an ultrasound, they could see the embryo but it was too early to hear a heartbeat yet. Even though the doctor said it was completely normal, I was so anxious to hear a heartbeat. We went back a week later (October 18) and...we heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time! The best sound in the whole world! It was amazing how much our baby (the size of a sweet pea) had grown in one week.

We've since heard the heartbeat 3 more times and each time, it's such an amazing feeling. So humbling and overwhelming.

I'm twelve and a half weeks now - just a few days from the end of my first trimester! My due date for now is June 9, although there has been some uncertainty about the definite date.

I'll blog some more details later but here is one more picture of our little one (at 5 weeks, 6 weeks, and 9 weeks - all zoomed in at the same ratio). It's truly incredible to see how quickly our peanut is growing!

We are so excited and grateful to God - the giver of all good things!


  1. Hi Nicole! I know we don't really know each other, but I have heard wonderful things about you guys from the Thompson's and love to check up on your blog every now and then! SO SO excited for you guys and praising God for new life! This is such wonderful news!

  2. Thanks @Rebecca! And McKenzie I know who you are!! Thank you so much for your sweet words - we have heard some WONDERFUL things about you and your husband as well :) I know the Thompsons love yall and that's good enough for me! :)

  3. I loved reading the details of how the two of you reacted to such an amazing realization...you are parents!!! How sweet to build a fire, sip coffee, and take time to try to wrap your minds around such news. Congratulations on your little peanut, and making it through the first trimester! Can't wait to see you "bloom and grow" as the months go by and you prepare for your baby's arrival in June. Beyond happy for you!!


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