Thursday, November 29, 2012

What we've been up to

It's kind of hard to know where to start when I went from blogging ~5x/week to not blogging for a month. Where do I even start? I feel like the least intimidating thing for me is to just instadump some photos here that give a little picture into life for the past month...and I may blog about one or more of these events/projects in detail in the next week or so. 

The short of it - not a whole lot happened in the last month. I've been pretty inhibited from doing much due to ye olde morning-slash-all-day-every-day sickness. But there were some bright spots and fun things that happened in the midst of it all!

We painted our house! Definitely more on this later...We LOVE it.

I voted. #goheelsgoamerica

Rob set up my resting place for me one night :) Favorite sweatshirt + cheerios + a baby budget book + photos of our little one. 

Some of our very best friends had their first baby! Sweet Bryce is so beautiful and we got to see him just 4 hours after he was born!!

Here is again - isn't he just the CUTEST??

I did one craft...

That turned into this beautiful wreath that I LOVE. (More details to come)

Rob MC'ed FCA's Annual Fall Banquet - for over 1,000 people! I was so so so proud of him. 

We celebrated Cait's bday!

I cooked a turkey!! (Definitly more on that)

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving in New Bern.

We started decorating for Christmas...

Then we got crazy and decided to start building our built-ins in our living room at the same time as Christmas... it's chaos but I am SO excited. Can't wait to fill y'all in...

I hung out with my sisters. Love.

...And that's about all for now! More details to come - tales of nausea, DIY updates, and more!

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