Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Built-ins - FINISHED!

For Part 1 - the vision, finding & preparing the cabinets, converting them from top to bottom cabinets - see here
For Part 2 - priming and painting the cabinets and cabinet doors, ORBing the hinges - see here.
For Part 3 - planning & building the shelves, staining the counter top, and painting the wall - see here.

No more delay! Here are the few final steps and the finished product!

Once we primed and painted the supports for the shelves, we put it back on top and Rob secured it into the wall. It was super easy.

Next step - securing the shelving tracks and brackets we bought from Lowe's. We decided to do tracks and backets so we could easily change the height and placement of the shelves whenever we want to. I'm so glad we did!

We found some white tracks and brackets and Lowe's so they blend in perfectly. We decided on two tracks & two brackets per vertical support - making for 4 tracks and 12 brackets in each unit, or 12 tracks and 36 brackets total. We just didn't ever want to second guess that the shelves were sturdy and we didn't want the wood to bow over time.

Rob lined up the tracks so they were perfectly even - what a man! 

Check 'em out!

Next we just had to cut down the shelves to the right size, cut the trim to match up perfectly, and then add the vertical trim to the supports. Rob picked out this awesome vertical trim that we LOVE. It adds a nice extra fanciness to the supports and really beefs it up. 

PS here's a better picture of our counter tops - sooo pretty.

Annnnd jump ahead - here are all the shelves painted, trim added and done! PLUS check out the knobs attached (love them - we bought those at Lowe's too in an ORB finish to match the hinges).

Now look closely at the doors again (if you can take your eyes off  of those immaculately lined up shelves above)... do you see one door that looks different? No? WELL BAM. Rob MADE a cabinet door out of scraps of wood because we were missing one door. Can you even believe that? It's the very middle one. Annnd it blends in perfectly. I am so amazed that he was able to do it and I am so thankful for the closed off, covered bottom storage. Such a game-changer.

This is pretty much finished - just needing top and bottom molding to finish that built-in look.
At this point - we were squealing and screaming with delight!

And approximately 5 minutes after they were done, you couldn't hold me back any longer. Time to set up our Christmas village! :) So magical!

Rob capturing my ridiculous glee in taking closeup pictures of the village

But I mean... just gorgeous.

Close-up shot of the glossy countertop! So beautiful! It's not quite this glossy (it was dark and there was a flash) but you get the idea.

And here they are in stage 3 of decorating. This was on Sunday when we were in the middle of adding the molding... (see the bottom)

Still figuring out how to decorate them but LOVE how they are turned out! I will have endless amounts of fun decorating these things for every season :)

And here's a picture of them with bottom and top molding, and trim on the bottom of the countertop to finish it off... plus a baby stocking for our baby :) We still have to caulk but for now - we're quite enjoying everything trimmed out and we love our view from the couch :)

And that's a wrap! :)

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