Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmasy crafts

I've loved making a few easy cheap crafts to decorate our house for Christmas! Most of these can be done while sitting on the couch, which is an important detail when my energy is limited and my nausea abundant :)

Here a few quick crafts I pulled together for ye old built-ins...

1. Nativity Scene

We were given a nativity scene last Christmas that was pretty traditional with the moss nativity set etc. It didn't look exactly like this but similar...

I didn't hate it actually - I like old-school traditional Christmas. But I wanted to update it a little and make it a little more uniform. So I spray painted all the pieces a glossy white and I LOVE how it turned out. Here's the best picture I could take on my tippy toes.

I love how the white glossy pieces stand out from the dark bold built-ins background.

2. Updating Ikea fern

I have an Ikea fake fern/plant/greenery that I love. At first I just put it on the shelf as is. Then I found these cute little berries that had fallen off my berry wreath in the kitchen and I just plopped them in here and they made it look instantly Christmasy! Love it now!

3. Christmasy candles

I bought these tealight globes from Crate and Barrel a while back.

I just simply filled them with some Christmas tree pieces leftover from trimming our tree and called it done. Love the little subtle hint of Christmas.

Here they are all lit up. So glowy.

4. Christmas goblets

We have these fancy goblets that were given to us as a wedding gift. We LOVE them and are always looking for ways to proudly display them. 

We have some holly bushes (!!) in our yard so I just pranced outside and cut some holly leaves and berries off to decorate our goblets! Love the Christmas cheer!

Christmas is almost here!

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