Wednesday, December 5, 2012

JDC Autumn Wreath

I wanted to share my most favorite craft project to date - making a beautiful fall wreath with my Ashley :) Albeit it took us about a month to complete but it was totally worth it! (Disclaimer: it totally shouldn't have taken us that long but we wanted to wait until we could work on it together.)

We used a tutorial from Jones Design Company and just altered it for how we wanted it. (In the end, I decided I didn't want the whole wreath covered in flowers.)

Coffee filters (white and brown)
Plastic cups
Craft paint
Masking tapes
Twig wreath
Fall embellishments (acorns, berries, leaves, etc.)
Hot glue gun

Ashley bought a ton of beautiful paint colors for us to use to dye our coffee filters.

1. Step one - fill plastic cups with water and paint. (More paint then you would think.)

2. Step two - fold up coffee filters in the cups and let them soak for a couple minutes in the dye & water.

3. Step three - Dry your dyed coffee filters - we used drying racks...and counters...and tables :)

4. Step four - sit on it for a month.
5. Step five - remember your dyed coffee filters and realize fall is almost over and quickly try to put together a wreath!

6. Step 6 - Make flowers out of coffee filters! There are two types of flowers you can make - the best explanations are on the JDC link (here). They are tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, they go pretty quickly.

7. Step 7 - assemble flowers how you'd like and hot glue them in place!

Love how it turned out! Major props to Ashley and Sarah Jane (who helped finish it and hot glue everything in place)!

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