Friday, December 14, 2012

Marriage as seen by Grandad

My mom posted this quote from my Grandad on facebook this morning and I just loved it. My mom's parents were so special in my life and I miss them greatly. It's been some 20 years since we said goodbye to Grandma, and 8 years since we said goodbye to Grandad. I try to remember tidbits here and there of both of them to tell Rob so that he can have some understanding of what special people they were. I so wish he could've met them.

Picture of me, Auntie Netty (mom's sister), and Grandad on a double decker bus in London

Here's my Mom's post...
Today would have been my parents' 72nd anniversary. Here's a quote from Dad at their 50th anniversary. It says it all. "Marriage has been like a small boat riding the various 'seas' of life - calm, storm, etc, and Jesus has been in the boat with us all the time".

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