Thursday, December 6, 2012

The First Trimester

As I begin my second trimester of my pregnancy, I wanted to briefly document the "experience" that was my first trimester :) I have a terrible memory and I really want to remember everything about my first pregnancy so I couldn't move on without looking back.

The Ups
-Hearing our baby's heartbeat for the first time
-Seeing our baby move (a lot!) on our first ultrasound! It was so surreal to see this little one so alive and so real.
-Celebrating with Rob - for awhile it was just us who knew and as hard as it was to keep it a secret, I loved it just being between us. I think it really helped us adjust to the shock and when we told people, we were so excited!
-Finally getting to tell our friends and family - it made it so much more real and I'll never forget their reactions. We told my sisters and Rob's brothers in the same weekend - that was awesome. And then two days after, we happened to be going to a Thanksgiving potluck with my best friends! It was so perfect to be able to tell them together and it was such a wonderful night!
The night we told my best friends - they were SO surprised and SO excited :) I am so blessed to have such sweet friends
-The best sleep of my life - I slept like a baby my whole first trimester (pun intended). As someone who has a hard time with sleep, I did not take this for granted. Hello 8pm bedtime... :)
-The newness and change of it all. I love new seasons in my life because they always teach me so much. It's been overwhelming at times (and will continue to be, I know) but I love the newness of this stage of our lives.
-A deeper kind of dependence and trust in God. (see the next section :) )

The Downs
-Extreme nausea every day all day from 5.5 weeks - ?. The nausea has definitely been the hardest part. I feel guilty even mentioning it because I am SO thankful to be pregnant and it is SO worth it. But it has definitely been a difficult time for me. I have felt like I have nothing to give (especially in my marriage) for the past 8 weeks... I feel spent all the time. My mom gave the best description - it's so strange to be so healthy and feel so sick at the same time. The two things that have helped me - 1. Finding humor in it all. I made a list of things that have made me throw up that made me laugh hysterically (including but not limited to the following ridiculous items: dry cheerios, toast, water, nausea medicine, crackers, standing up, sitting down, breathing, waking up, etc etc). 2. When I'm feeling terrible and in the midst of it all - I just ask myself "Is it worth it?" and my answer is always immediately yes and it just gives me that extra boost to push through. I'm also holding on to the prayer that it will not last forever (please?).
-Anxiety - the first half of my first trimester brought a lot of anxiety and fear over miscarriage. I've known so many people (friends and family) who have miscarried...and I felt like I was already so blessed to have gotten pregnant without trying...I guess I was just waiting for the bottom to fall out. Rob was such a blessing to me, reminding me of the Lord's promises, of His unwavering goodness and faithfulness, and of truth.

There's the first trimester (kinda) wrapped up! Overall - it's been a beautiful time in our lives but I am so thankful to be in my second trimester already! :)

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