Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY Tea cup candles

Me and my sisters have a new Christmas tradition (2 years in a row makes it a tradition right?). Since there are so many of us and none of us have struck it rich yet, but we really want to get everyone a present, we have decided to do $5 presents amongst the sisters. It's awesome because it's not a lot of money but it gives everyone the opportunity to be creative to find things you can get for just a few bucks.

Last year, I lucked out with an Old Navy Groupon. I used that as well as some things I already had to give each of my sisters a shirt plus a craft - homemade chalk boards for some and pretty votive candles (with lace, ribbon, etc decorating them) for the others.

This year, I wanted to make something for all of them. I stumbled upon this Martha Stewart craft and decided to give it a whirl! I love how they turned out.

-Tea cups - I found the teacups on Amazon - which was a huge relief. I wanted some teacups and I actually wanted them to be blue so I totally lucked out.
-Candle wicks - I bought candle wicks from AC Moore but you can find them at any craft store.
-Candles or wax to melt - I bought some 2 inch pillar candles at Walmart for a dollar each. I ended up only needing 3 candles for 6 tea cups, but that's because I used every bit of the wax on every candle, shaving it all the way down to the wick.
-An old glass or vase to melt the wax in
-A large pot

Step one - shave down the candles so that you can melt the wax down into liquid form.

It helps to shave the candle rather than just cutting into chunks because it melts MUCH more quickly if it is in small shavings, rather than big wax chunks.




Step two - melt the wax in an old glass or vase that you don't mind ruining (it's really hard to get completely rid of the wax in the glass/vase once you melt a ton of it in there).

I just boiled a large pot of water and then put a tall old vase in there filled with wax shavings.

Step three - while the wax is melting, prepare the candle wicks in the teacups. 

I chose to get the longer candle wicks just to be safe, but I probably could have gotten much shorter ones. My main goal was to make sure the wick was centered and straight.

Step four - pour the melted wax into the teacup and allow time for it to harden.

So easy! The first few teacups, I hadn't melted enough wax to fill the cup but it was no problem at all. I just melted more wax while the other wax was hardening and poured it on top once it was liquid. I actually think I had more success doing it in layers that way than all at once (some of my teacup candles  had little air pockets/holes that I couldn't seem to get rid of even by pouring more wax on top of them. Those were the ones that I just poured a bunch of wax in at once, rather than in layers. That's my theory but it could be for a totally different reason :) ).

Having just poured the wax in (which is clear when it is liquid)

 And once the wax has hardened! Beautiful!! 

All six completed candles! (one for my mom of course)

Voila! Easy beautiful Christmas present for just $5. Now I just need to make one for myself...

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