Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's a girl!

By now, I think everyone and their mother knows we are expecting a sweet baby girl! :) I'm not meaning to draw it all out but I did want to document all of the special moments and events of our first pregnancy so I can remember them in the future. So sorry if this ad nauseum for the rest of you :) 

On Thursday morning, January 10, we had our appointment to have an in-depth ultrasound, where we would get to see our baby again and hopefully find it if it's a he or she. We were so excited! One of the reasons we chose to find out early instead of waiting to be surprised is that I had heard that it makes the pregnancy/baby much more real for the father when they know what gender it is. It all is very real to me (my whole body is completely different and I can feel her move inside of me) and I was excited to for Rob to feel more apart of it. 
On our way to the appointment!

We actually had to wait an agonizing 45 minutes in the waiting room because they double-booked our appointment. We tried to be patient but we were both almost too excited to sit still. 

The ultrasound tech didn't tell us the gender of the baby until the end of the appointment...which normally would drive me crazy! BUT we were so overwhelmed and overjoyed at getting to see all of her arms, legs, fingers, toes...everything...that we didn't care at all. I teared up several times throughout the appointment because I was just so grateful that the Lord blessed us with this gift and that everything looks totally healthy and normal! I was also so surprised at how big she is already and how we could see all of the body parts was so awesome. Not to mention - sweet honey child was doing somersaults in there! I don't think she sat still for a single minute. Love it.

I knew pretty early on that our baby is a girl - or at least I was fairly confident. So the tech finally confirmed my suspicions at the end and announced that we have a sweet baby girl! Rob was shocked and so excited - he's wanted a girl the whole time but really thought it was a boy. It was such an amazing feeling - of course I cried :)

Here are some pictures of our sweet little girl!

Our favorite one.

Here's a shot of her face facing you'll see dark spots that are her eyes, nose and mouth. We got to see her open and closing her mouth and one point - so precious!

Cutest little foot!

We also got to 3D/4D pictures too but we thought it was kind of alienish so I'm not going to post those :)

After we found out, we celebrated by going to Target to pick up our first baby girl item! It was so fun and overwhelming to look through everything... we eventually decided on some little baby shoes. They are PRECIOUS and so tiny!

The next night, we had my family and Rachel over to celebrate the good news and tell them the gender of the baby! We decided to do the reveal first thing when everyone got there because I am terrible at keeping secrets - I had already told Sandy the night before completely by accident. 

Rob came up with the idea to fill dark balloons (we chose black) with pink paper confetti, string them up high, have everyone pop a balloon, and see confetti streaming down everywhere! It was really fun to plan out...and slightly less fun actually stuffing the balloons :) haha

I was doubtful that the black balloons would be "pretty"...and I was right :) Haha they looked very similar to Dwight Schrute decorations a la The Office. (see here) But I still loved the idea.

We even hung one low one for Finley and Cole to pop. It makes me laugh so hard every time I see it!

When everyone came, we had them pop the balloons! Sorry we didn't get a picture - there was a lot going on :) And yes pink confetti went everywhere but it was totally worth it. And also Finley cleaned up most of it...he was very focused on getting it all picked up :)

We also had everyone mark whether they thought it was a boy or girl before we popped the balloons. Lots of girl votes - which is hilarious because almost everyone else outside our family thought it was a boy :)

Here's the whole group! So thankful to have so much love and support from our families! Also everyone is wearing the color of the gender they thought it was - a lot of pink! 

I like this one because of Finley and Pat...but Anna and Rachel are covered up.
Just awesome. 

We are so thankful for a healthy sweet little girl!

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  1. Love the confetti idea. Love that Fin and Cole helped, especially cleaning up! LOVE that you and Rob are wearing purple. Reminds me of youth camp no purple rule. :) And what exactly is Will voting for?


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